Wish List Items

Want to help at our properties but can't do a Service Project? Here's a list of items we need at our Camps and Service Centers. 

Camp Items

Concrete floor paint–Color: Colorado at Home Depot-Kachina
Fence materials for new horse pastureTexlake
Fencing materials
Fluorescent light fixtures or replacement ballasts– new energy efficient T8's
Gravel-truck load quantities and bagsCamps and Zilker
Hardwood mulch
Hopi green-expand and re-sodKachina
Horse troughTexlake
Interior and exterior doors
Landscape timbers
Latrine update for tree house area– Kachina
Lumber for benches and seating
Lumber for picnic tables- Camps and Zilker
New showers at Hopi and Zuni-Kachina
Paint brushes 
Pick-up truck for Kachina Ranger
Roofing shinglesKachina
Tennis court improvementsKachina
Tires for Caterpillar skid loaderKachina
Tires for John Deere tractorKachina
Update the interior/lighting of the dining hallKachina
Wood seal 
Wood stain
Work gloves 

For more information contact David Morris at DavidM@gsctx.org

Service Center Items

Fencing materials
–Kodosky, Austin
Fluorescent light fixtures or replacement ballasts-new energy efficient T8's
Hardwood mulch
AED's (defibrillators)7

For more information contact Cody Bornowski at CodyB@gsctx.org

Camp Program items

Astronomy books and telescope(s)–Kachina
Backpacking gear and gear shed–Texlake
Backstop for kickball/baseball/softball–Texlake
Board games–Kachina
Boots for horse program participants to borrow–Texlake
Challenge course and gear shed–Kachina
Climbing rock wall–Texlake and Kachina
Defibrillators at our Service Centers and Camps5
Foam targets and arrows for archery program-Kachina
Fruit trees–Texlake
Gaga Pit–Texlake
Sand to create a volleyball court–Texlake
Water mat–Texlake
Wind turbines and solar panels–Texlake

For more information on Camp Program Items contact Sherry Wolfe at SherryW@gsctx.org