Making Girl Scouting Available to Every Girl, Everywhere

Many girls are not able to participate in traditional, volunteer-led programs due to various geographic, socioeconomic and emotional challenges. These girls are provided with the Girl Scout Leadership Experience delivered to meet their specific needs. A series offers activities to the same group of participating girls, scheduled over six to eight weeks, relating to a specific theme or purpose.

Community-based Programming

This form of Girl Scout programming is a community initiative designed to target underserved areas where Girl Scouts is not available due to socio-economic reasons. Community-based programming delivers the Girl Scout Leadership Experience to elementary and middle schools in the Austin and Pflugerville area during the school day and after school hours. Council staff, volunteers and community agency partners lead this innovative program. In cooperation with several Central Texas school districts, this program delivers alternative methods to teaching TEKS objectives, Relational Aggression, Financial Literacy, and Health and Nutrition.

The Objective of the Program

  • To provide girls with the Girl Scout Leadership Experience. 
  • To teach the girls the importance of positive peer relationship, anti-bullying and positive ways to defend them self and others.
  • Helping the girls learn and implement key concepts and skills related to personal money management.
  • Learn the importance of good nutrition and exercise daily to lessen the effects of childhood obesity and teach them about the ill effects of tobacco and drugs.