Volunteer Recognition 

Adult Volunteer Awards

When you nominate a volunteer for an award you are recommending that their efforts, accomplishments and excellence be acknowledged by the entire Council. Each of the GSCTX and GSUSA awards has specific criteria which must be met in order for a nominee to be considered for the award. The Nomination and Letter of Endorsement are both very important to the process because they are used to determine if the criteria for an award has been met. Nomination and Letters of Endorsement should be well thought out and explain how the volunteer's service meets, or exceeds, the criteria for an award.

Helpful hints for writing a nomination or a letter(s) of endorsement:

1. Show heart and passion when telling how the nominee impacts the lives of girls by the service they give.
2. Ask and answer questions such as - How many? What? How? Who? Why? Discuss the nominee's accomplishments and specifically explain how they have contributed.
3. Tell how you know the nominee and for how long.
4. Explain what volunteer position the nominee holds.
5. Tell a story about the nominee's service to the Council.
6. Include specific examples of the nominee's performance which explain how the service was beyond what others in the same position have done.
7. Include simple numbers, data or statistics whenever appropriate to support the statements being made.
8. Explain how a nominee's actions impact girls through direct or indirect service.
9. Show the relationship between the nominee's contributions and the Girl Scout mission; explain how the nominee supports the Girl Scout Leadership Experience (GSLE). Keep the three keys to leadership in mind – Discover, Connect and Take Action.
10. Remember that you are nominating or endorsing a volunteer for a Council or GSUSA level award, please do not include examples of troop leadership. Give specifics about how the volunteer's service has impacted a Service Unit, Region or the entire Council as appropriate for the award. (Note: For troop leadership level awards please review the list of Service Unit awards that are available, see your Service Unit Director for more information.)
11. All nominations and endorsement letter(s) must be received on, or before, the specified submittal deadline.

Thank-you for participating in the process to celebrate the accomplishments of our truly great Girl Scout volunteers!