Volunteers are the heart and soul of Girl Scouts. Volunteering with us helps you make contacts, enhance your skills, apply your talents, discover your potential, build community and inspire girls everywhere. 

We recognize that the foundation of a successful Girl Scout program depends upon trained adult volunteers and know that you are taking time out of your busy schedule to lend your talents to our organization.



Volunteer testimonials

Stacy GTroop Leader, San Angelo, TX

stacy"Girl Scouting has always been a part of my life and it would be strange without it. Now that I’m 20 years old, I co-lead a troop of Cadettes. The girls are close to my age, making it easy for them to relate and confide in me. I’m their leader and friend."

Colin K. Outdoor Education Leader, Austin, TX

colin"My favorite part of working with the girls is watching the growth that occurs over the course of the longer trips. Most of them start out a little shy, a little scared about going, and by the end you see the look in their eyes change from timidity to confidence. It’s such a cool thing to witness and be a part of."


 Kathy ARobotics Coach, Kyle, TX

kathy"I enjoy giving girls the opportunity to experience STEM concepts in a real-world situation. Their learning of the engineering process, science principles, and math foundations all come together through the technology of the robot. When they see their calculations, creativity, and efforts come together, it gives them the confidence to make those types of decisions in other areas of their lives."